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23 October 2013: KILL la KILL leads the six shows that I'm watching so far

Mikisugi and Ryuuko
Relax, it's cool. He's her teacher.

I'm watching fewer shows autumn 2013 than I usually do. I suppose on average it's still about one episode each night, but with less time watching anime and less attention devoted to The Twitter, I do have noticeably more time to pursue other interests—to include updating an anime blog that's nearly in its 13th year.

Mikisugi and Ryuuko
Relax, it's cool. He was friends with her dad. P.S. Spoilers.

KILL la KILL was a lock. By now, everyone should know about Studio Trigger's Gainax pedigree. Curiously, I've read some complaints from viewers who feel KILL la KILL tries too hard. Odd, trying too hard was exactly what I wanted from the show. Why would you want anything else when the premise is so ridiculous? Why would you expect anything else when Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt are so closely associated with the talent involved?

Oh good. She didn't forget to grimace.

In addition to the crazy setup and ridiculous fights, I'm also impressed by two things: First, the ostensible male lead is an overly amorous teacher who might not be joking about ensuring Ryuuko's zero-gravity underboob doesn't go to waste. Second, Koshimizu Ami is phenomonal as our extremely crass heroine. Hers is the kind of work that compares nicely with Kawasumi Ayako's tough-girl voice and Noto's DARK MAMIKO persona. Also, it all but guarantees we'll see a solid assortment of seiyuu-based parody images. Cure Melody is a lock, but I'm hoping someone takes the time to give us a Claes. Pixiv Army, make it happen.

Banri and Kaga
Dude. Never turn your back on psycho broads.

Golden Time doesn't quite have the production values I was hoping for, but it should be pretty good overall if it stays true to the light novels and manga. This is not to say that Golden Time is a masterpiece of storytelling or the new standard of romance, but it contains what I feel to be the right ratio of wackiness and emotional resonance to make me care about the erstwhile couple. Of particular note, all the characters involved are college students, so they're freed from usual bullshit that constrains middle school-aged and high school-aged anime characters in would-be romantic comedies. Also, Horie Yui has got her trademark sweetness turned up high as Kaga Kouko.

Kaga Kouko's series of pictures was funny and sad.

In response to some of the early reactions I saw after the first episode aired, I wouldn't exactly describe Golden Time as a harem comedy, although there are undeniable harem elements in the show. It's very much about our nutjob heroine who is Cocoa Puffs and Tada "No Flame Haze" Banri. Yes, I've made both those jokes before already. What of it?

Cure Sword
A man's romance.

Naturally, I'm still watching DokiDoki! Precure and Meitantei Conan. I'm not sure I can name another Pretty Cure episode that was as straightforward about providing lessons to children as episode 35 was. Still, it was nicely done. I found it amusing that cavities don't exist where Cure Sword comes from. The final 13 or so episodes of DokiDoki! will hopefully finish on a strong note. Detective Conan finished up summer 2013 with back-to-back episodes guest starring Heiji and Kazuha. Autumn 2013 begins with four more straight episodes of wacky Osaka detective times, so this should be a pretty good cour.

Houki, Laura, and Ichika
I generally prefer princesses with binocular vision, but Laura is all right.

IS Infinite Stratos 2 is so bad, but I still look forward to each new episode. It's an effective formula, even if Potato-kun is frustratingly dense in basically all aspects of his life and the girls inexplicably resolute in their obsession with him. All the girls are as charismatic as they were in the first season, although I find myself increasingly favoring the comically straightforward Laura over even the turbodere Cecilia Alcott now that they've canonically thrown out basically everything that formerly made Charles the best girl.

Space vampires only want one thing.

If Infinite Stratos is low-level stupidity, Kakumeiki Valvrave is high-level idiocy. The second cour picks up right where the first 12 episodes left off, with no apparent change one way or the other resulting from the three-month break. The show makes no more sense than it ever did and is still amusing in a preposterous sort of way, but I think it's about time to start killing off some of the more irritating and/or useless characters, even if they are heads of state.

Um, sure. I'll try it.

I'm not capping myself at six shows; I'm just undecided as to what else I should watch. Based on popular opinion, it appears Kyousogiga or whatever it's called is the clear leader among potential candidates, even though I have absolutely no idea what it's about. I heard that it has Kugimiya Rie though. For various reasons, I'm also keeping my eye on Coppelion, Galilei Donna - Storia di tre sorelle a caccia di un mistero, Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita, and Strike the Blood. However, I'm only curious about Strike the Blood because I want to see if Silver Link can continue to whip out the sort of fight scenes it impressed with last season during Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya.

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