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10 April 2017: Re:CREATORS evolved from light novels

Looks like 2016, going by the calendar.

From what I've been able to gather based on the first episode, the basic premise of Re:CREATORS involves the arrival of various characters from contemporary popular fiction to the land of their authors: Japan. That is, rather than Potato-kun getting hit by a truck and reincarnating in a fantasy world, characters from these fantasy light novel, video game, and/or anime worlds are transported to Japan instead. There have been shows with similar premises (e.g., Hataraku Maou-sama!), but this twist is still fresh enough to give Re:CREATORS the edge in capturing my attention this season.

Mages are all such slobs.

Re:CREATORS is also a TROYCA production with Aoki Ei directing and Sawano Hiroyuki handling the music. Despite its numerous problems, I still enjoyed their Aldnoah.Zero quite a bit, so I'm eager to see what this team will do with Re:CREATORS. The first episode at least suggests it will be a flashy affair with some creative variations of familiar tropes. I particularly liked the combination of Gilgamesh's Gates of Babylon with the otherwise tired use of twirling a sword to turn it into a shield made actually effective by spinning it at Shirabe speeds. That was some good shit right there.

I liked the juxtaposition between her poses and the light novel's illustrations.

Sadly, the weak spot looks to be Potato-kun, who I hope won't end up dragging the show down with unnecessary sermons about the Otaku Virtues or some other bullshit. He's okay so far, but I wonder if anyone even proposed replacing him with some ridiculous chuuni girl who is having the best damn day of her life. Surely that would be an obvious improvement. Thankfully, the lead girl is an aerodynamic red-haired mecha pilot with twin braids and a love of fresh air. Someone's been reading my mind. There are a lot of ways Re:CREATORS can go wrong, but it is at least off too a good start.

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