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23 October 2017: I can't believe Best Girl is already dead (full-on Juuni Taisen spoilers)

Seriously, though, this is great hair.

I'm going to depart from my typical spoiler-free policy for this bit. Avert your eyes if you care about Juuni Taisen spoilers at all. Juuni Taisen (also Juni Taisen: Zodiac War) is an anime adaptation of a NisiOisiN light novel about 12 psychos (loosely based on the Chinese zodiac) killing each other in an urban ghost town. Their reasons for doing so aren't particularly important, as the main draw of the series simply happens to be the homicide carnival. After three episodes, I'm mostly unimpressed with the menagerie of murderers who mostly seem sort of uninteresting, even the ones intentionally designed to be weirdos. That is, except for Chicken, who is already dead now. This is some bullshit. P.S. Spoilers.

Niwatori and Sumino
Going into the sewer was a terrible idea.

I do appreciate the misdirection related to Boar's sudden death at the end of the first episode. The problem is I didn't give a shit about Boar and mostly just felt it was silly she was armed with two crew-served light machine guns. It seemed absurd to dual-wield them, even if they did have unlimited ammunition. I guess barrel changes were not important either. It doesn't matter since she's dead now. Dead twice, since Chicken killed Zombie Boar in episode three. I was hoping Chicken would be around for more of the show, but Juuni Taisen appears to be staying true to the practice of killing off characters immediately after providing their backstories. (See also Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku A.K.A. Magical Girl Raising Project.) The problem now is I'm three episodes into a 12-episode anime and there are no characters I give a shit about, and some I barely remember at all.

Misaki Yūki
Think Monkey will throw feces at any point?

If I had to pick a character to root for now, I guess I'd pick Monkey because she's the only one with any sort of screentime or characterization that goes beyond "scowls a lot and tries to murder people." I didn't have a great reason to favor Chicken aside from her great hair, a voice I fancy, and her effective integration of ISTAR on the battlefield. I guess she did have underdog credibility, seeing as how her arsenal consisted entirely of a pitchfork, her cabaret outfit, and some animal friends. She may as well have been Snow White less seven dwarfs—a much more aerodynamic Snow White.

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